1000 Tonnes

of cold storage capacity


150 Tonnes

of packing capacity per day


12 Packing lines

equipped with an anti-shock system

*and a grading system based on colour, weight and maturity of the fruit.

Our brands

We use our registered brands CALIDOR®, FRUTINA®, NEW DELISS® and RED PREMIUM® (for our new range of red apricots), as well as our distributors’ brands.


Cardboard boxes with or without brand

  • 60×40 single layer or with punnets
  • 50×30 single layer
  • 40x30x12 5 Kg loose
  • 20×30 single layer or loose


  • 1 kg / 750 g / 500 g
  • Flowpack
  • Nets with different colours and labels


  • Single layer or punnets
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