Ampliación del almacén en 2021

In 2020, a large investment was made to improve the warehouse infrastructure. The old loading dock was transformed into a cooling tunnel and the doors in the refrigerating chambers were automated; all this to have better control and avoid sudden changes in temperature that could damage the fruit.

In 2021, the warehouse area was expanded so that movement was more fluid and in accordance with the regulations. Insulation panels have been installed to create a false ceiling in order to lower the temperature of the warehouse. The paving project for the warehouse floor and cooling tunnel, which began in 2020, was completed.

This year, we have also installed a more powerful refrigeration system in the shipping tunnel to maintain the temperature from the refrigerating chambers to the loading dock.

Frutas de la Sierra Espuña has opted for the improvement in all its facilities, from the moment the fruit enters the facilities until its exit, when it is completely prepared to meet the demands of our distributors and to comply with the certification standards.

The company continues to change, adapting to environmental, social and market demands.